Never mess with a woman in an uncomfortable bra.

You know how it is- difficult, worrying times, sitting at home with only your laptop for company.

Suddenly, boom! An advert appears promising luscious, comfy lace which will gently support and shape your bosom buddies without the need for underwires. You click on the link….

Wowzers! Lovely bosoms encased in a front-fastening bra ( I never managed to learn my mother’s generational trick of doing my bra up behind my back. Some forty-plus years on and I still do the hook, twist round my waist and pull up manouvere). Cautiously, I read the reviews- wonderful, amazing. I look at genuine customers all proudly showing their lovely bra. I notice the site appears to be endorsed by the Breast Cancer charities as the pink symbolic ribbon is on every page. Best bra of 2019! Glamour Magazine!

All looks good. I order one, in nude from their “UK-based” business and settle down to wait my “2-7 day delivery” time.

It arrived 16 days later but I was not really concerned- more excited to try it on. There was no return address on the label other than some writing in Chinese so the first penny began to shuffle forward and teeter on the brink, like the Penny Arcade game, before beginning its inevitable descent onto the “You’ve been scammed” pile.

Bra was bright salmon pink. Ok I thought, I can deal with the colour. It still looks comfy.

The next few minutes were a frankly painful and humilating effort of me trying to wrestle my buddies into this thing so they could be zipped up. I would get one side sorted, then grapple with the other side, get everything under some form of control and then try and hook the zip into its closure so it would do up.

Then it all went downhill further as I tried to contact the company. Of course there was no return paperwork. Of course there were no phone number or address, just a contact form on the website. Of course, a whole cascade of “scammer pennies” plunged down into my consciousness.

I was told I would only be allowed to exchange it. So I emailed them using the form and showed them a screenshot of the website where it specifically says I can get a full refund, as long as the tags are on. Did it have tags? What do you now think?

I complained to my bank who are working on the case for me and also to Consumer Watchdog.

I googled their company on Company’s House but couldn’t find them listed, nor could I find their blogger they use on their website. I left a message with Glamour Magazine, asking if they are aware they are endorsing this product but have yet to hear.

I have since received a return address, which is in Paris so I googled that and it appears to be a company which sells machine parts. I queried the address with the company again and was told that was the correct one.

Then I reached out through the original advert, to all the women who had used “angry” icons under the advert and six have responded saying they too, are being fobbed off with the exchange only drivel. We are all busy fighting away in our own corners, hopefully gathering comfort in the thought that it is not just them who has fallen for it.

Facebook has been told every time this company pop up, that they are scammers and I will continue to do so. At present, I am loathe to return the bra as I paid postage for it to begin with and in order for it to receive some kind of secure delivery, I will have to pay for International Signed For- about £9 and then this company will probably deny all knowledge of receiving it back.

I will continue to fight the good fight, against the scammers and deceivers. The name of the company is Loovelybra, so look out for them and avoid.

I will keep updating, to encourage others not to give up, to tackle “the man”, to make their aggrieved voices heard and in the meantime, I shall tweak and twitch in the bras I have, flinging them off at the earliest opportunity.

PS: Don’t ever lie to me.

One thought on “Never mess with a woman in an uncomfortable bra.

  1. Brilliant Fiona! Keep up the fight and hope it pays off……………….
    An amusing read although not at all funny 👍


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