A New day

It’s always tricky, starting again. To leave a career you have held for 19 years, gathering confidence in what you do, earning the respect of your colleagues, sailing through the day and then having to start again.

You arrive at the new job, not sure where to hang your coat or stow your bag. No one shows you where the toilets are, explains what time lunch is or who holds the sacred stationery cupboard key .

One thing you know for sure is that it is definitely you on the coffee run and your turn to buy the Friday doughnuts every Friday for the forseeable future until some other newbie turns up.

I’ve had a few different jobs since leaving my career. I’ve run a warehouse which sold eye-wateringly uncomfortable underwear, coaxed and cosseted 600 plus students through the trauma of living away from home, welcomed “National Treasures” into the building and dealt with the general public in a retail environment for the last few years.

Today I am starting two weeks of training in a medical environment- don’t worry folks, I shall be welcoming them in and shepherding them out. Although I would love to snap on a pair of sterile gloves and say, “Right Mr Brown, I believe you are here for your rectal exam”, but I think they might go elsewhere for that and probably pay far more…..

I’m looking forward to new challenges, new training and generally looking a bit smarter than I have done recently. Dang I might even wear some makeup…….

3 thoughts on “A New day

  1. Wishing you lots of luck in your new role ( no operations though hopefully , not that I wouldn’t trust you! ) you’ll be great, enjoy xx


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